I understand that some concerns have been raised regarding the safety of your students as the news that appear on TV continues to carry the difficulties Mexico is having along it’s boarder with US. I can tell you that Querétaro remains as safe as past years. I am glad to tell you that our students have had no problems regarding safety or security. One thing that might also help to give security about the safety issues is that the Peace Corps has a major office here in Querétaro since almost 5 years ago. They have very strict rules and regulations about safety issues for their volunteers while they stay in Mexico. The Peace Corps’ volunteers stay at least two years in different parts of Mexico. Before they begin their service, they have a three month training program in Querétaro. We have been working with them for the past four years in the area of Spanish classes, Mexican culture and homestay. We have just received a new group of volunteers in March for their three month training program in Querétaro. If there were any concerns about safety, they would be the first ones to cancel their program in Querétaro, and request the return of the U.S. Staff who live in Querétaro. Here are some testimonials of students who are right now studying with us. They have agreed to give their email in case any future student wants to contact them directly and ask them about security in Querétaro and México.

My experience in México has been a good one. I have no qualms about walking around downtown in the daytime or at night. We have never experienced any threats or danger.
Abby Huffman

Querétaro is one of the safest cities I have been to. While there are places in México that are experiencing a lot of violence much of the country is secure. My wife and I have really enjoyed our time in Querétaro, it is a city full of history and culture. We have also enjoyed traveling to other places of interest near Querétaro and have not experienced any problems but have found that the people are very nice and the places safe.
Mark Huffman

Querétaro is completely safe, I´ve lived here for 8 months and you can do anything at anytime within reason!
Chris Campbell

I feel very safe here in Queretaro. The people here are very nice and fun. The city is very clean and I haven’t had any problems with violence or danger. This is one of the safest cities I have been in.
Adam Careaga

I hope this information will help to give an insight on how things are going in Querétaro concerning security and can give you confidence about the safety of your students.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any more information about this subject or if you interested in writting to these students, please let us know.

      Kind regards,
Dulce Wirz
Director OLÉ