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please contact us at:

Mariano Escobedo #32
Col. Centro, C.P. 76000
Querétaro, Qro., México
Phone: +52 (442) 214-4023
Fax: +52 (442) 214-2628

Regulations and guidelines policy:
OLÉ is not responsible for any fee(s) charged by its
representatives/agents. The School staff and/or representatives will not be held responsible for damage, loss, and injury to persons or property by any cause. OLÉ will not be liable for being unable to render services that are impossible to provide for reasons beyond OLÉ's control and its representatives, nor for the services offered by third parties.

Medical Insurance:
Student is sole responsible for obtaining insurance that is valid in México. OLÉ, our staff and homestay families have no moral responsibility and will not be held responsible for medical bills nor any economical expenses incurred by students in case student suffers any illness, accident or death during their stay in México. You must bring proof of medical insurance.

Drug Usage:
OLÉ is a Drug-Free Center. The School does not allow the possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs and alcohol by students on its property or as a part of its activities. Punishment includes student expulsion (with NO refund for any unused portion of the program) and referral for prosecution.

Students are expected to:
Respect the schools' faculty, teachers and any other person in the staff, in and outside the school premises.
Respect your classmates at all times, in an outside the classroom.
Respect all the property of the school. If student causes any damage to any school property, he/she will be billed for it.
No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed inside the classrooms or library.
Arrive on time to class.
On fieldtrips and on any other activity: students are expected to behave adequately and respect the property of the transportation vehicle, places visited and the tour guide or teacher.

Group classes:
If there is no group at students' level, group classes will be substituted for tutor classes with fewer hours per week. Group programs of 15 hrs/week will be substituted for 12 private lessons per week. Group programs of 25 hrs/week will be substituted for 20 private lessons per week. For any other program you will be told by the Academic Department or School Director.
When enrolled in group classes you are expected to attend to every class, if you don't attend, the missed class won't be repeated, you must study on your own.

Missed classes:
Group classes. Missed group classes (for any reason) will not be made up and no refund applies.
Private classes. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required for private lessons. If cancelled with less than 24 hrs, class will be charged. If you want to cancel a class via e-mail, you must be sure to get a reply from OLÉ. If you do it by phone please take the name of the person taking the message,

Note: Regarding this point the student has the responsibility of studying the subject matter of the day missed.

Public Holidays 2018:
Mexican National (Public) holidays will be respected, this means there will be NO classes on these days and the school will remain closed. There are NO refunds or discounts and classes are NOT made up. This includes all our programs except for private lessons. Private lessons will be reschedule by the Academic Department.

January 1 New Year’s Day
February 5 Anniversary of Mexican Constitution
March 19 Benito Juarez’s Birthday
March 30 Good Friday
May 1 Labor Day
June N/A
July N/A
August N/A

September N/A
October N/A
November 19 Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution
December 25 Christmas Day

OLÉ's Cancellation and Refund Policy apply if early leaving or canceling homestay.
Students who wish to change their homestay must give the School a written notice a week in advance. Change will be granted based on availability.
All homestay arrangements as well as payments, early leaving or changing homestay must be made directly with the school, not with the host family.
All homestay situations, problems, etc. must be dealt directly with the school, not with the host family.
All costs incurred by the student because of activities and invitations with the host family, must be paid by the student.
Students are not allowed to make phone calls and will be billed for any misuse of homestay telephone.
Students are expected to respect all homestay property and
will be billed for any misuse.
Students are expected to respect all family members and visitor; as well as follow the family house rules at all times.
Neither alcohol nor drugs are allowed at any time in the house. Also, students must consider their behavior when going out.
Students must advise their host mother, in advance, whenever they will be absent for a meal or return late at night.
No friends are allowed in the house at any time without the prior permission of the host mother.
Students must advise OLÉ of their approximate time of arrival to the homestay at least 3 working days before arrival.
On day of arrival, if student is going to be more than 2 hours delayed they should try calling the host family and advice them of their new arrival time.

Other accommodations:
If other accommodation option is chosen by the student, school will only provide the information but CANNOT be held responsible for any situation concerning other types of accommodation than the homestay. The landlord or hotel management should be responsible and will be the person you should contact in case of a problem.