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Querétaro, Qro., México
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Why should you choose QuerÉtaro?
Well, it's one of the most beautiful colonial cities of México and a state of historic and cultural tradition, it' also considered one of the safest and cleanest cities in the country and the UNESCO declared it “World Heritage Site”. In its streets there are four centuries of history, placed on the monuments, houses, alleyways and way of living. It has a bohemian lifestyle with cultural, artistic topics and all kind of events all year round.

When you think about Querétaro, you have to imagine a pink orange sky sunset, birds flying back home to rest, the magnificent aqueduct in the middle of the city and all the churches around it, people walking and children playing in a pleasant atmosphere at 20 degrees centigrade. Relax, have a coffee downtown or just enjoy the time in one of our parks or if golf is your hobby we have 7 golf courses nearby.

Santiago de Querétaro City, located in the heart of México only 200 km (130 mi) north of México City is a “treasure chest awaiting to be discovered”.

Querétaro is rich in history (some of the most important events of the Mexican Independence movement took place here) and colonial architecture, besides being one of the largest industrial and business centers of modern México.

Parallel to this environment, Querétaro offers a wide variety of options to have fun such as: restaurants, bars, discos, shows, concerts and a great lively ambience throughout the “andadores” (pedestrian streets) of the historical downtown.

Around Querétaro is Peña de Bernal, considered the third largest monolith in the world and  recently named “Magical Town”, you have to be there to understand why. The Biosphere reserve in “La Sierra Gorda” is one of the most diverse in the country, there you can do hiking, bicycle,  camping, caves, waterfalls, horse riding, etc. Be part of the nature or interact with it.

OLÉ has been a wonderful experience for our entire family! Querétaro is beautiful, clean, and very safe!
We have enjoyed all that this lovely city has to offer. Including children’s theater, regional dance programs, museums, plazas and parks. Our time here has been magical and we hope to return very soon!!!!!

Morrey McElroy
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA