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OLÉ has developed a methodology which uses the right combination of conversation and grammar to help the student meet his or her learning objectives. Our goal is clear and accurate communication using the four skills of the language: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension.

Our Spanish method is specially designed for students of all proficiency levels, ages and professional experience with creative teaching methods at ten levels of 50 hours each, except for the Superior Level which has no time limits.

Classes are divided into one and a half hours of grammar, half an hour of vocabulary and exercises, one hour of workshop rotated daily covering the four skills of the language. For the five hour program, we offer two more hours of cultural workshops in which students will reinforce the four skills of the language with cultural topics emphasizing in this way a total immersion of our language and our culture. Materials and books used in our programs have been carefully selected by our Academic department to enhance the learning of Spanish and Mexican culture.

We have designed various practical and dynamic programs and tutor classes to cover specific needs, such as for students who want to learn for pleasure, for business, students who need academic credits, and for teachers that require TOPT preparation or teacher enrichment. Tutor classes with special vocabulary emphasis (business, medical, law, education, tourism, technical, etc.) are also available as well as tailor-made courses for groups with specific needs.

Maximum number of students per class: 5 students.
Group classes begin every Monday (Tuesday when Monday is a National Holiday).
All “teaching hours” are 55 minutes.
Written and oral placement exams are administered to new students in order to determine the appropriate level and group for the student.
Each week teachers evaluate their students. Groups may be redefined as students can progress through the program at a different pace.
There is an exam at the end of each level which covers all aspects of the language in order to guarantee that the student is ready to advance to the next level.
A certificate is given at the end of each level.
Teachers are rotated on a weekly basis so that students are exposed to different rhythms and pronunciations of the language.
Spanish classes can be taken during the morning or the afternoon, depending on the season and the number of groups. Cultural classes are in the afternoon and on weekends.
Group classes: If there is no group at students level, group classes may be substituted for tutor classes with fewer hours per week. Group programs of 15 hrs/week will be substituted for 12 private lessons per week. Group programs of 25 hrs/week will be substituted for 20 private lessons per week.