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mexican Homestay
One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to combine formal studies with living with a Mexican family. A homestay provides the student with the opportunity not only to experience first-hand Mexican daily life, but also to learn new vocabulary and expressions, and to practice speaking and listening skills outside the classroom. It is an enriching cultural experience that is long remembered.
Families have been carefully selected to provide security and a comfortable atmosphere for OLÉ students. The families that work with OLÉ offer family involvement and they enjoy it!

Private room with 3 meals/day: $255 USD/ week.
Shared room with 3 meals/day: $215 USD/ week per person.
For shared homestay, students must have their own roommate.

Additional nights:
Private room with 3 meals: $37 USD/night
Shared room with 3 meals: $33 USD/night per person.
For shared homestay, students must have their own roommate.
Prices are for anyone over 5 years old. Please contact us for information and prices for younger children and babies.


Each homestay is normally booked from the Sunday night before the course begins to the Sunday morning after the course finishes; students may choose to stay from Saturday to Saturday instead.  The minimum stay is one week, and students can pay for additional nights.
While the homestay includes 3 meals/day, house-mothers prepare meals only 6 days a week. On Sundays, students can make use of the kitchen and prepare their own meals.
In México we usually have breakfast between 7:00-9:00 a.m., lunch (main meal) between 2:00-4:00 p.m. and supper between 8:00-10:00 p.m. 
Includes towels and sheets, which will be changed weekly.
Students can either buy their own soap and wash their clothes in their homes or use a laundry service. (additional price).
Families may also invite the student to some family activities such as eating out, or trips, etc. If the student decides to accept these invitations, he/she will cover his/her own expenses.
Homes are no more than 15 minutes away from the school, either walking or by public bus.
On the first day of class, a member of the family will take the student to OLÉ and will pick him/her up, so that the student learns the way to school and back.
The Student will have access to all the common areas in the house (patios, garden, kitchen, TV. room, living room, etc.).
Students may not make free use of the family telephone. You may receive phone calls at normal and decent hours, but you can not make any long distance calls. If you wish to use the phone for a local phone call please advise your homestay mother first (every phone call costs money to your host family money) . You can purchase a long distance phone card at the school or at any convenience store in order to make your calls

Important notes:
Please fill out our Homestay form (which we will send by e-mail)l and send it back as soon as possible so we can place you in the home most appropriate to your needs. Please be very specific on special requirements.
OLÉ does not charge an additional amount for homestay placement.
OLÉ is responsible for your stay with our homestay families. Students who wish to change their homestay must give the School a written notice a week in advance. Change will be granted based on availability and all efforts will be made to change you as soon as possible.
When making any homestay arrangement or dealing with any homestay related problem, the student MUST deal directly with the school.
Students must advise us their approximate time of arrival to the homestay at least 3 working days before arrival. The school will pass this information on to the family. This information is very important because a family member will be waiting for you at the homestay at that time. Please bear in mind they cannot be waiting for you the whole day. If you are going to be more than 2 hours delayed, please try to call your family and advice them.

Please click here for information on OLÉ´s Regulations & Guidelines.

Other accommodation options
Hotels and Inns
There is a great variety of hotels and inns in the city. OLÉ will provide information and help the students find the one most appropriate for their needs.

Furnished apartments and houses for rent
Prices may vary from $450.00 USD to $1,500.00 USD per month. Restrictions may apply in some cases. Please advice us well in advance, these types of accommodations have limited availability.
•• Please note that while we can help students get information about other accommodation options, but we CANNOT be held responsible for price changes or any incidents there might occur once living in a rented apartment, house or hotel room. The landlord of the apartment or hotel management should be responsible and should be consulted in the case of a problem. ••