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Extracurricular Activities
The best way to know a Querétaro, taste its flavors, meet their people and be part of the history is by interacting with the place. At OLÉ we offer you a diversity of cultural, recreational and sports activities to be combined with the Spanish programs. Prices vary depending on activity, so if you are interested, please let us know and we will send you a special quotation depending on your needs.

“OLÉ Activity”:
Free activity once a week included: Mexican lottery, games, movies, ping-pong tournament, darts, Mexican songs, audio activities, among others.
Minimum of 3 students per acttivity.

We consider that OLÉ is not just about Spanish classes, but is an all around Mexican experience. We strongly recommend combining cultural classes with any Spanish program. This will give the student a total immersion experience not only of the language, but of the culture, customs, and way of life of Mexican people.

Some of our cultural classes are:
Mexican cooking, Mexican history, Mexican literature, round-table discussions, arts and crafts, visit to traditional Mexican markets, museums, churches and historical sites throughout the city. These classes have an additional cost.

Classes take place in the afternoons or Saturdays.
Approximate time per class: 2 hours
Minimum of 3 students per class.

City tours, fieldtrips and weekend tours:
The city of Querétaro is beautiful, take the chance with one of our experts to go around and learn about it, organized city tours of Querétaro are available in the afternoons or on Saturdays.
Approximate time: different options between 2 hour tours to half-day tours.
Minimum of 3 students per activity.

Because we are in the heart of the colonial area, there are  nearby points of interest such as:
Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Teotihuacán pyramids, México City, Morelia and Sierra Gorda of Querétaro among others that you must visit in our fieldtrips and weekend trips.

Additional activities:
OLÉ helps students find special courses, sports facilities, advice about trips, cultural events throughout the city, etc., which are available in specialized Institutions, Sports Clubs, Museums and Travel Agencies in Querétaro.
There are several gymnasiums, golf courses, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, bowling allies and salsa classes available in the city. Prices vary depending on activity or classes.

There are announcements posted on the school boards of activities that are taking place throughout the city such as: theatre, expositions, fairs, concerts, among others. Sometimes OLÉ’s Staff and students participate together in some of these events (Prices vary depending on activity).

“ There are so many things to do and see in Querétaro that time is never enough, and the beauty of this city and around it is so spectacular that the only way to know it is by going around."
Tayla  Roberts