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About OLÉ
OLÉ Center for Spanish Language and Culture started as a dream and now, we are proud to say we've been operating since 1996. It all began on one of our trips where we met many interesting people from all over the world. We saw that many people would love to learn Spanish and get to know more about the Mexican culture; so we decided to create a system were we can share this with our students and at the same time we can continue meeting people from many parts of the world.

Our program has been approved by the Educational Bureau of the State of Querétaro. As a result, we have provided a confident and reliable study program for all our students.

OLÉ Center for Spanish Language and Culture has been working with well-known and respected organizations and agencies worldwide, and has also taken part in important events concerning youth travel, study abroad, and language conferences. We received several groups from different Universities and Colleges as well as from different types of Organizations.

To ensure that you learn Spanish as quickly and as well as possible and enhance your learning experience, we recommend combining any of our Spanish programs with living in a Mexican home and taking cultural activities such as cooking classes and fieldtrips. Host families are carefully selected for your comfort and safety.

Every student is important to us and we make it a rule to have our students feel right at home but at the same time have them accomplish their goal of learning or improving their Spanish, so we invite you to live the experience of studying abroad with us.

Hope to see you soon,
Carlos & Dulce

Having studied Spanish in many schools throughout México, Central and South America, I can say in all honesty that OLÉ is number one. The quality of instruction is superior, the instructors are caring, and the facilities are new, appropriate for learning and ample. I highly recom- mend OLÉ to all people who have a craving to learn Spanish in an environment that also is an enjoyment to be part of.
Bud Beury
Business Executive
Savannah, Georgia